Local officials, Vice Mayor Atty. John Paul M Balmores , were present at the event’s opening, alongside PAGCOR representatives, headed by Eric Balcos, the Assistant VP for Community Relations and Services.

On December 20th, Nilasin 1st Elementary School in Pura, Tarlac, celebrated the launch of a modern two-story building, complete with six spacious classrooms, providing a welcoming learning environment for students.

The PAGCOR-financed construction project, valued at approximately Php18 million ($324,580), aims to provide additional educational facilities to address the shortage of learning spaces resulting from the destruction caused by an earthquake that occurred over 30 years ago.

In 1990, an earthquake had a massive impact on the town of Pura, causing damage to essential infrastructure such as government buildings, schools, and residences. Despite multiple efforts to repair and restore some buildings, certain ones were deemed unsafe, exacerbating the educational difficulties faced by the community.

Mayor Freddie Domingo requested assistance from PAGCOR to tackle the challenges faced by Nilasin 1st Elementary School. In response, PAGCOR allocated Php17.87 million to construct an earthquake-resistant building, providing a safer and more suitable learning environment for the students.

Mayor Domingo expressed his gratitude by saying, “We are truly thankful to PAGCOR for their invaluable assistance in financing the building of a new classroom facility in Pura. This generous donation not only improves our educational infrastructure but also empowers the future of our students. PAGCOR’s dedication to education is truly leaving a long-lasting effect on our community. We appreciate your investment in the progress and advancement of Pura.

Amidst the financial resurgence of the Philippines’ gaming industry, as reported by PAGCOR, with revenue levels nearing pre-pandemic figures, this development is taking place. This is also one of several initiatives by PAGCOR to bridge the gap between the gaming sector and local communities in the Philippines, following a community and education event held in December.

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