In a meticulously planned move, PENN Interactive, a subsidiary of PENN Entertainment, Inc., is undergoing a strategic leadership transition. The founding family behind theScore, including John Levy, Benjie Levy, Aubrey Levy, and Noah Levy, will be stepping down from their roles.

The Levy family played a pivotal role in the integration of theScore with PENN Interactive after the acquisition of Score Media and Gaming Inc. in October 2021. This integration brought theScore and PENN Interactive under the dynamic leadership of Benjie Levy as the head of interactive and John Levy as the executive chairman of theScore. Their collaborative efforts were instrumental in aligning the two entities and steering them towards shared success.

PENN Entertainment expressed profound gratitude for the Levy family’s contributions to its integrated media and betting strategy. Jay Snowden, the CEO and president of PENN Entertainment, commended the Levys for their entrepreneurial spirit and pioneering role in the sports media and gaming industry. Snowden highlighted their shared passion for innovation, acknowledging the significant milestones achieved under their leadership.

Jay Snowden, PENN Entertainment CEO and president, highlighted their shared passion for innovation, saying, “I am very proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish with the Levys, including the development of an extremely deep and talented bench at PENN Interactive.” 

With Benjie Levy, the head of interactive, set to depart, PENN Entertainment is actively searching for a replacement. The new appointee will face the challenge of filling Levy’s large shoes, given his instrumental role in several significant milestones for Penn Interactive. Levy’s efforts were central to the successful sale of Barstool Sports back to David Portnoy and the groundbreaking $1 billion ESPN deal.

John Levy is scheduled to depart Penn in mid-February while the rest of the family, including Benjie, Aubrey, and Noah Levy, will leave their positions in April 2024. This phased approach aims to ensure a smooth management shift, minimizing disruptions. While the Levys have not disclosed their post-departure plans, speculation suggests that they may remain involved in the industry that brought them significant success. 

Benjie Levy, Head of PENN Interactive and President/COO of theScore, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We could not be more proud of this team and what we have accomplished together, and we look forward to watching as they continue to build upon the successful foundation we established at theScore.” 

The departure of the Levy family from their roles at PENN Interactive marks a significant turning point for the company. With an excellent and experienced team in place, PENN Entertainment is poised for a seamless leadership transition. The company’s focus remains on continued growth as a leader in online gaming and sports media, leveraging its resources effectively to maintain impressive momentum in 2024. 

As PENN Interactive undergoes this strategic leadership transition, the company stands on the cusp of a new era. With a commitment to consolidating its offerings and pursuing further growth, PENN Entertainment anticipates a seamless shift. The company aims to maintain its leadership position in the online gaming and sports media industry, fully leveraging its resources for continued success.

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