In 2023, GamCare witnessed a significant surge in individuals reaching out to the helpline, marking a notable milestone in their journey towards recovery. The National Gambling Helpline experienced an unprecedented volume of calls and online chats, totaling 52,370 interactions, reflecting a noteworthy 24% increase compared to the previous year. This surge underscores the growing awareness and utilisation of the helpline’s services, with August emerging as the busiest month and December witnessing a substantial 39% year-on-year rise during the holiday season.

The spike in calls over the holidays indicates concerns about gambling behaviours, exposure to advertisements, and the impact of the cost-of-living crisis. Additionally, the introduction of the helpline’s WhatsApp channel garnered 6,000 extra interactions, enhancing accessibility.

Furthermore, TalkBanStop facilitated nearly 7,000 Gamban blocking software licences, supporting efforts to address gambling-related harm. Samantha Turnton, GamCare’s head of remote support services, emphasised the positive aspect of increased outreach, noting that early intervention can mitigate harm. Turnton stressed the importance of seeking assistance at any stage of the gambling journey.

Anna Hargrave, GambleAware’s chief commissioning and strategy officer, emphasised the urgency of prioritizing prevention and early intervention services within the National Gambling Support Network. Hargrave highlighted the necessity of swift action, particularly with the impending introduction of the statutory gambling levy.

Meanwhile, Ygam, a leading gambling harm charity in Britain, is commemorating its 10th anniversary year, underscoring ongoing efforts to combat gambling-related issues.

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