The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) has announced the release of a new bingo game. This announcement coincides with PAGCOR’s strategic transition from an operator to a purely regulatory body. The shift, initiated by PAGCOR Chairman Alejandro H. Tengco, underscores the organization’s commitment to ensuring the industry’s longevity and the safety of players.

The latest addition to PAGCOR’s gaming portfolio is the “Mas Pinasayang Bingo Big Time Milyonaryo”. Scheduled to go live on March 17 at the Le Pavillon Metropolitan Park in Pasay City, this bingo game promises an exciting experience for players. With a guaranteed pot of ₱1 million (US$17,835) for the first nine games and a doubling of prizes to ₱2 million for the final game, participants have the chance to win substantial rewards.

Players can purchase a ticket for ₱3,000, entitling them to four cards for each of the ten games in the series. The ticket price offers excellent value, providing ample opportunities to compete for the generous prize pools. PAGCOR’s commitment to offering inclusive gaming experiences is reflected in the accessibility and affordability of ticket prices, ensuring that players from diverse backgrounds can participate.

The launch of “Mas Pinasayang Bingo Big Time Milyonaryo” follows the success of PAGCOR’s previous bingo games, including the “Paskong Big Time Bingo Milyonaryo” held last December. During the festive season, seven lucky players each won ₱1 million, demonstrating the popularity and excitement generated by PAGCOR’s gaming offerings. The continuity of these engaging events highlights PAGCOR’s dedication to providing entertaining and rewarding experiences for its audience.

Amidst the anticipation surrounding the new bingo game, PAGCOR has directly addressed rumors regarding its financial management and operational practices. The organization has clarified misconceptions regarding the renovation of properties used by PAGCOR and dispelled allegations of employee redundancies. By fostering transparency and open communication, PAGCOR reaffirms its commitment to upholding ethical standards and maintaining public trust.

PAGCOR’s release of the “Mas Pinasayang Bingo Big Time Milyonaryo” marks a significant milestone in the organization’s evolution towards becoming a regulatory authority. The introduction of this exciting bingo game reflects PAGCOR’s dedication to providing innovative gaming experiences while ensuring regulatory compliance and player safety. As PAGCOR continues to navigate its transition, it remains steadfast in its mission to support the growth and sustainability of the gaming industry in the Philippines.

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