Embarking on a new era, Star Entertainment has set the stage for transformative changes in its gambling policies. In response to societal concerns and government scrutiny on gambling addiction, the company introduces excellent measures aimed at promoting responsible gambling.

On January 31, Star Entertainment is rewriting the rules governing continuous gambling within its casino premises. This strategic shift comes amid growing pressure from government inquiries and community advocates, signaling the company’s commitment to addressing concerns about excessive gambling.

Star Entertainment is putting responsible gambling at the forefront of its operations, starting with The Star Club members. In a recent briefing, members were apprised of forthcoming changes, including the implementation of mandatory breaks for players immersed in poker machines or electronic gaming machines. The revamped PlayBreak initiative mandates a 15-minute break every three hours, a move designed to mitigate the risks associated with prolonged gambling sessions.

A noteworthy addition to the regulations is the close monitoring of swipe cards. Players are now restricted to a maximum of 28 hours of gambling within a seven-day period. Breaching this limit could result in a seven-day exclusion from the premises. This step, a departure from previous recommendations, emphasizes Star Entertainment’s newfound commitment to proactive responsible gambling practices.

Acknowledging the diversity in gaming preferences, Star Entertainment recommends a 30-minute break for patrons engaged in table games after six hours of continuous play. Moreover, guests are advised against gambling for more than 12 hours within a 24-hour period. Those surpassing this limit will be required to leave the premises for a mandatory 24-hour break.

The revised policies introduce stricter exclusion measures. Individuals excluded three times within a six-month period, regardless of the duration (24 hours or 7 days), may face a comprehensive year-long exclusion from the premises. These stringent measures align with the expectations outlined by the Queensland and NSW governments.

While the details of the remediation plan are yet to be unveiled, Star Entertainment hints at a comprehensive strategy comprising approximately 100 initiatives. This marks a pivotal moment for the company, still grappling with the aftermath of a $100 million penalty payment to the Queensland government and ongoing legal battles with regulatory bodies.

In addition, Star Entertainment faces a crucial six-month period, a litmus test for its ability to independently manage operations in New South Wales. The NSW regulator, dissatisfied with current oversight, suspended the company’s license in 2022 due to regulatory shortcomings. Now, the company must showcase significant progress in implementing remediation measures to avoid permanent license loss.

In a bid to reshape its image and address gambling addiction concerns, Star Entertainment is taking decisive steps. The new regulations redefine responsible gambling within the casino landscape. As the company navigates uncharted territory, only time will reveal the true impact of these transformative measures on both patrons and the industry at large.

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