Montonio, a leading payment solutions provider, joins forces with Totalizator Sportowy, the revered Polish national lottery provider, to introduce innovative payment services to its online casino platform, aiming to redefine user experiences. Totalizator Sportowy, with a history of 67 years as Poland’s national lottery provider, forges a pioneering partnership with Montonio to integrate cutting-edge payment solutions into its online casino operations. 

The collaboration aims to streamline and elevate the user journey, offering seamless deposit capabilities for online gameplay. The technology harnessed by Montonio has already made significant strides, having been successfully incorporated into over 6,000 online stores across Europe. Its extensive network includes partnerships in countries such as Germany, Estonia, and Finland.

Piotr Bindas, Director of the Corporate Governance Department at Totalizator Sportowy, highlighted their endorsement of Montonio, explaining, “Montonio is a portfolio company of our CVC fund, ffVC Tech & Gaming, powered by Totalizator Sportowy.” This strategic alignment underscores Totalizator Sportowy’s commitment to fostering innovation within the gaming landscape.

This collaboration forms part of Totalizator Sportowy’s ongoing efforts to fortify its online offerings. Last year, the operator partnered with IGT to implement a groundbreaking cloud-based lottery system, marking a significant leap as the first European lottery to adopt this technology for its iLottery offerings.

Bindas emphasized the integration of payment solutions, saying, “Montonio will now handle a part of our payments on our online casino platform. Their fast and reliable services have been tailored to our needs, which will give our players a seamless payment experience.”

Andrzej Bagiński, Poland Country Manager at Montonio, expressed enthusiasm about broadening their horizons, affirming, “We’re enthusiastic about bringing our innovative solutions to a broader audience and enhancing the payment experience for online casino enthusiasts across Poland.”

Montonio founded itself in 2018 with the aim of delivering payment and e-commerce solutions to European businesses through its services package. As Montonio and Totalizator Sportowy embark on this revolutionary collaboration, the combination of their experiences is set to redefine the online casino landscape, providing an unparalleled and seamless payment journey for players in Poland.

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