Low6, a B2B gaming supplier catering to sports leagues, sportsbooks, and iGaming operators with a free-to-play model, has introduced Josh Turk as a new member of its Board of Directors. In his current role as the Chief Strategy Officer at Low6, Turk will join Chairman Andy Clerkson, CEO Jamie Mitchell, and Non-Executive Director Jeffrey Haas on the board.

Bringing a wealth of experience in iGaming product development, marketing, and strategic planning, the inclusion of Josh Turk on the Board is viewed as a strategic move to strengthen Low6’s commitment to optimizing core operations and establishing a robust B2B gaming platform.

Chairman of the Board, Andy Clerkson, expressed satisfaction with Josh’s addition, stating, “We are pleased to welcome Josh to the Board and look forward to working with him to pursue long-term value creation. His substantial iGaming and technology expertise will help us accelerate our transformation plans and fully capture the significant growth opportunities ahead for Low6.”

CEO Jamie Mitchell emphasized Josh’s leadership skills and industry relationships, noting their role in surpassing revenue and product delivery targets over the last two years. Mitchell expressed confidence in Low6’s position going into the transformative 2024 fiscal year.

Before joining the Board, Turk played a pivotal role in securing a multi-year partnership with the NHL, establishing Low6 as the official free-to-play game vendor. This collaboration involved the distribution of various fan engagement games and significantly strengthened Low6’s presence in the industry.

Regarding his appointment to the Board of Directors, Turk stated, “I am excited to join this prestigious group of talented directors on the board of Low6. I believe Low6 can enhance our innovative gaming platform by expanding our white-label product portfolio and double-down on UltimateFan – becoming the ultimate destination for gen-z and millennial sports fans.”


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