International Game Technology (IGT) has earned the prestigious AAA rating from MSCI ESG, the highest accolade bestowed by the global rating agency. This recognition is a testament to IGT’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, as reflected in its exceptional performance in governance, product safety and quality, carbon emissions, and labor management.

The MSCI ESG Ratings are meticulously designed to evaluate a company’s resilience against long-term environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks. IGT’s AAA rating signifies its industry-leading position in prioritizing ESG factors, showcasing a year-on-year advancement in its ESG score.

Wendy Montgomery, IGT Senior Vice President of Marketing, Communications, and Sustainability, emphasized the significance of this achievement, stating, “IGT achieving the MSCI AAA ESG rating demonstrates our strong commitment to enhancing our company-wide sustainability results through our ongoing Sustainable Play initiatives. Sustainability is embedded throughout our daily operations as we focus on creating long-term value for our key stakeholders.”

MSCI ESG Research, the entity responsible for the rating, provides comprehensive research and assessments of environmental, social, and governance practices on a global scale. These ratings, graded on an AAA-CCC scale relative to industry peers, are pivotal in constructing the MSCI ESG Indexes, providing nuanced perspectives to institutional investors and facilitating the identification of both potential risks and opportunities in the market landscape.

In addition to this remarkable achievement, IGT has solidified its dedication to the Virginia Lottery through a three-year contract extension, effective until October 2033. After two decades of collaboration, this extension involves leveraging IGT’s latest technologies to enhance the Virginia Lottery’s central retail system.

Key enhancements include the deployment of Retailer Pro S2 to replace 5,500 retailer terminals and the modernization of the communications network to a cellular infrastructure. These upgrades are poised to elevate technology standards and introduce new gameplay features, with a planned go-live date set for October 2025. As IGT continues to lead in sustainability and innovation, the AAA rating and ongoing partnerships underscore its commitment to driving positive impacts across various facets of its operations.

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