Global esports betting giant GG.BET has officially extended its partnership agreement with Team Vitality through 2024. This significant development cements GG.BET’s unwavering support for Team Vitality’s renowned Counter-Strike (CS) team, currently hailed as the best in the world following their triumph at the BLAST Paris Major 2023.

GG.BET initiated its collaboration with Team Vitality’s CS roster in 2022, marking the beginning of a thriving partnership that has consistently pushed the boundaries of esports engagement. The bookmaker’s steadfast support has been a driving force behind Team Vitality’s achievements, both online and in real-life events.

The partnership witnessed innovative activations, such as the promotion of V.Hive, a mobile blockading application embraced by over 80,000 Team Vitality fans. GG.BET’s Match of LeGGends, featuring a clash with NAVI, drew over a million global viewers, showcasing the magnitude of their collaborative ventures.

GG.BET expressed its commitment to elevating the esports experience, emphasizing that their 2023 projects reached a staggering 150 million fans on social media. With an eye on 2024, GG.BET aims to set new goals and take the strategic partnership with Team Vitality to unprecedented heights.

Team Vitality’s CEO, Nicolas Maurer, echoed GG.BET’s enthusiasm, emphasizing the partnership’s essence of “having fun and creating unmatched experiences” for esports enthusiasts. Maurer highlighted successful events like the meet & greet in Rio, garnering over 3.5 million reach, and the thrilling show match against NAVI.

Anticipating the next two years, Maurer teased exciting projects aimed at making the CS community shine and grow. GG.BET affirmed its dedication to organizing joint online initiatives and large-scale real-life events, promising a dynamic future for esports enthusiasts.

The partnership played a pivotal role in the esports community by not only supporting Team Vitality’s success but also inspiring countless esports enthusiasts worldwide through innovative activations and events. The extension of GG.BET’s partnership with Team Vitality through 2024 marks a significant chapter in the world of esports. With a rich history of collaborative success, both entities are poised to continue shaping the future of esports.

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