Jette Nygaard-Andersen, the former CEO of Entain, has posted on her LinkedIn page nearly a month after departing the company, highlighting significant transformations achieved during her tenure. Her departure from Entain came amidst mounting pressures, including intense scrutiny of M&A activities, financial performance, and a falling share price that had dipped to a three-year low in December.

After dedicating four years to the company, notably three years at the helm as CEO, Nygaard-Andersen penned a reflective statement on LinkedIn, spotlighting the remarkable strides and transformations that Entain underwent during her time. She said, “Entain is fundamentally a better and stronger company today than it has ever been. Through a multitude of twists, turns and challenges, we’ve transformed the business from the GVC of old to one with the highest standards of governance, compliance, player safety, a new effective strategy setting the Company up for further growth in all markets, old and new, and excellent quality of earnings.”

“Over the course of her four-year tenure, Nygaard-Andersen highlighted the company’s evolution into a responsible operator with a strong emphasis on governance, compliance, and player safety. She emphasized a strategic shift to place customers at the forefront of business operations, coupled with significant technological advancements and portfolio diversification.”

Expressing gratitude to Entain’s global workforce, Nygaard-Andersen acknowledged their professionalism and dedication, remarking, “Thanks to the professionalism and passion of Entainers around the world, the business tackled challenges such as the pandemic head-on, navigated a path to 100% regulated operations and always thought of the customer. As a result, Entain is now a business that has scaled and operates in over 30 territories with 30,000 employees.”

Nygaard-Andersen’s reflections serve as a testament to Entain’s transformative journey under her leadership, spotlighting the company’s commitment to responsible operations, customer-centricity, and global expansion. As Entain forges ahead, the company appears poised for continued growth and evolution in the dynamic landscape of the gaming industry.

In separate news, Entain’s shares witnessed a 3% surge following the announcement of Ricky Sandler’s appointment as a Non-Executive Director at the company. Sandler’s appointment comes amidst ongoing efforts by Entain to bolster its leadership team and maintain positive momentum in the market.

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