The Cheltenham Festival, a cornerstone event in the world of horseracing, witnessed an impressive feat as Flutter, a prominent sports betting operator, managed nearly 35 million bets during the four-day extravaganza. 

Flutter at Cheltenham Festival

A Celebration of Excellence

The Cheltenham Festival, held annually, serves as a celebration of horseracing excellence, attracting participants and spectators from across the UK and Ireland. From the exhilarating races to the historic victories, the festival captivates audiences worldwide.

Highlights of the Festival

This year marked several memorable moments at the Cheltenham Festival. Notably, trainer Willie Mullins clinched a centenary win, commemorating the 100th victory with Jasmin De Vaux’s triumph in The Weatherbys Champion Bumper. Additionally, Galopin Des Champs secured the prestigious Gold Cup for the second consecutive year, reaffirming its dominance on the racetrack. Moreover, jockey Paul Townend achieved a remarkable feat by clinching his fourth victory, further solidifying his legacy in horseracing history.

Flutter’s Role in the Festival

As a leading sports betting operator, Flutter played a pivotal role in enhancing the Cheltenham Festival experience for enthusiasts. Managing three renowned brands – Paddy Power, Sky Bet, and Betfair – Flutter provided a seamless and engaging platform for users to place their bets and immerse themselves in the excitement of the festival.

Record-Breaking Performance

During the festival, Flutter recorded an astounding 2.5 million active users across its brands, with nearly 35 million bets placed in total. This unprecedented level of engagement underscores the trust and confidence placed in Flutter by bettors seeking a thrilling and rewarding betting experience.

Navigating Challenges

Despite the monumental success, Flutter encountered challenges typical of high-demand events. Arlene Griffin, Flutter UKI Customer Service Director, highlighted the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction, addressing over 85,000 customer contacts and processing 51,000 verification documents during the festival. Such dedication ensured that bettors received timely assistance and support, contributing to a positive overall experience.

Flutter’s Performance at the Cheltenham Festival

Flutter’s exceptional performance at the Cheltenham Festival underscores its status as a leader in the sports betting industry. With record-breaking user engagement and seamless platform functionality, Flutter continues to redefine the betting experience, setting new standards of excellence in the realm of horseracing.

FAQs Your Guide to Flutter’s Bets during Cheltenham Festival

1. How many bets did Flutter handle during the Cheltenham Festival?

Flutter managed nearly 35 million bets during the four-day Cheltenham Festival, showcasing its significant presence in the sports betting arena.

2. What brands does Flutter manage in the UK and Ireland?

Flutter manages three renowned brands – Paddy Power, Sky Bet, and Betfair – across the UK and Ireland, providing users with a diverse range of betting options.

3. How many active users did Flutter record during the festival?

Flutter recorded over 2.5 million active users across its brands during the Cheltenham Festival, reflecting the widespread engagement and popularity of its platforms.

4. What challenges did Flutter face during the festival?

Despite its success, Flutter encountered challenges such as server issues and high customer volume. The brand addressed over 85,000 customer contacts and processed 51,000 verification documents to ensure a smooth betting experience for users.

5. What highlights marked the Cheltenham Festival in the year discussed?

The Cheltenham Festival witnessed notable achievements, including trainer Willie Mullins’ centenary win, Galopin Des Champs’ consecutive Gold Cup victory, and jockey Paul Townend’s fourth triumph, showcasing the pinnacle of horseracing excellence.

6. What role does Flutter play in enhancing the festival experience?

As a leading sports betting operator, Flutter provides a seamless and engaging platform for users to participate in the excitement of the Cheltenham Festival, offering a wide array of betting options and ensuring a memorable experience for enthusiasts.

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