In a bold move poised to reshape the landscape of Philippine iGaming regulations, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) has announced significant revisions to its fee structures and revenue shares. Led by Alejandro H. Tengco, the CEO and President of PAGCOR, these strategic maneuvers signal a proactive approach towards fostering growth and competitiveness within the burgeoning iGaming industry.

Echoing PAGCOR’s commitment to incentivize investment and spur market expansion, CEO Alejandro H. Tengco revealed plans to slash licensing fees for iGaming providers. The reduction, slated to take effect in the third month of the ongoing year, will see fees plummet from the current 42.5% to a more enticing 35%. Tengco’s remarks, made during an exclusive interview at ICE London, underscore PAGCOR’s proactive stance in adapting regulatory frameworks to fuel industry dynamism.

With an eye towards bolstering market participation and attracting new entrants, Tengco emphasizes the pivotal role of reduced fees in galvanizing investor interest. By streamlining regulatory barriers and fostering a conducive environment for prospective licensees, PAGCOR aims to catalyze innovation and drive sustained growth within the iGaming sector.

In tandem with fee reductions, PAGCOR is spearheading advocacy efforts for sweeping taxation reforms aimed at enhancing industry competitiveness. Tengco’s advocacy for a reduction in tax on documentary stamps and lower taxes on winnings reflects a strategic pivot towards aligning fiscal policies with evolving market dynamics.

Tengco’s tenure as chairman of PAGCOR has been marked by a concerted effort to refine regulatory frameworks and bolster market resilience. By revisiting existing regulations and structures, PAGCOR seeks to fortify the foundation of the iGaming industry, fostering a robust ecosystem capable of withstanding evolving market pressures.

As the sole Southeast Asian jurisdiction regulating both online gaming licenses and land-based casinos, the Philippines occupies a strategic vantage point in the global iGaming landscape. Tengco’s assertion of leveraging this regulatory dominance to attract additional investments underscores the Philippines’ pivotal role as a regional powerhouse in the iGaming sphere.

Amidst discussions surrounding PAGCOR’s future trajectory, Tengco’s affirmation of plans to privatize the operator by the fourth quarter of 2025 signals a paradigmatic shift in operational dynamics. Furthermore, PAGCOR’s impressive revenue milestone of PHP73.11 billion in the previous year underscores its robust financial performance and enduring market resilience.

In a bid to combat illegal gaming activities and foster a competitive market environment, PAGCOR has taken decisive steps to reduce its revenue share from 50% to 30–32%. Tengco’s assertion of PAGCOR’s commitment to curbing illicit gaming practices underscores the organization’s proactive stance towards maintaining regulatory integrity and safeguarding industry stakeholders.

PAGCOR’s strategic initiatives underscore a paradigm shift in Philippine iGaming regulations, characterized by decisive fee reductions, taxation reforms, and proactive measures to combat illegal gaming activities. By fostering an environment conducive to investment, innovation, and market resilience, PAGCOR is poised to shape the future trajectory of the Philippine iGaming industry.

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