Golden Empire

Tips for Obtaining Free Bonuses in  Golden Empire Game

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Jili Game presents the Golden Empire slot game, featuring a narrative centered around the wealthy King Golden Empire. With 32,400 paylines, 4 large wilds, and 8 free spins, this game emphasizes diverse combinations through connection elimination.


Introduction to the Golden Empire Game 

The captivating theme of the ancient Maya Empire holds boundless allure, with the Inca Empire radiating opulence in gold. Allow the Chieftain to lead you into the Temple of the Sun, unveiling the concealed gold treasure of this lost empire. Embark on this game as if on an adventure, where various primitive totems beckon players into a tropical jungle setting. Dynamic discs and gold frames transform into versatile wild cards, adding excitement to continuous elimination and unveiling delightful surprises!

Similar to the Golden Empire, upon entering the game, you’ll sense the powerful drumbeat resonating. The pyramids in the backdrop release a dense fog, creating an atmospheric ambiance. With the distinctive golden frame symbol design of the Golden Empire slot game, our connections within the game can set the entire board into a frenzy of unstoppable excitementSymbols in the Golden Empire Game

In this gaming experience, a 5×6 reel setup is employed, augmenting the second through fifth reels with an additional row. When initiating a free game, each round not only discards one game but also integrates a cumulative multiplier, seizing the current cumulative multiplier for the subsequent elimination bonus multiplier. Throughout the free game duration, the multiplier remains steadfast without resetting, steadily amassing until the culmination of the free game.

Symbol of the Golden Frame  -The enigmatic golden frame symbol emerges unpredictably, gracing only the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th reels. Whenever this symbol is vanquished by a combo, it undergoes a transformation, morphing into a versatile wild symbol capable of multiple eliminations. The numeral adorning the wild denotes its remaining elimination count. For instance, if the displayed number is 2 or higher, each combo decrementally reduces it by 1. Remarkably, the wild persists until the count resets to 0, defying disappearance.

Symbolic Wildness Apart from the golden frame symbol, the game also features basic wild symbols. These wilds, excluding SCATTER, have the ability to substitute for any other symbol and are restricted to appearing solely on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5


Disperse-In a standard game, securing 4 scatters opens the door to 8 rounds of free spins. Each extra scatter beyond this threshold brings an additional 2 rounds to your free spin tally.



How to Play Golden Empire

A compelling narrative is crucial for a great game, and JILI’s Golden Empire slot exemplifies this principle. Taking players back to the era of the once-richest Maya Empire, the slot showcases the allure of its exotic landscapes that countless players have dreamed of experiencing.

Golden Empire Slot Game boasts stunning graphics and features ancient mythological symbols, including giant birds, ancients, and Maya pyramids, each offering different odds. The most eagerly anticipated element of the game is the appearance of the golden frame symbol. When it emerges, it signifies the chance to form more than 4 wild connections, heightening the excitement for players.

Free Spin Feature in Golden Empire

In regular gameplay, acquiring 4 SCATTER symbols triggers the entrance to free spins. For each additional SCATTER symbol obtained, 2 extra rounds are awarded. The initial cumulative multiplier begins at X1. Subsequent eliminations, starting from the first instance, result in a gradual increase of the cumulative multiplier by 1 each time. The bonus for each subsequent elimination is then multiplied by the current cumulative multiplier. Importantly, during the free spin phase, the multiplier remains unreset and continues to accumulate until the conclusion of the free spins.

Tips for Success in Golden Empire 

Discover why the Golden Empire slot stands out as one of the most favoured slot machines. It boasts exceptional graphics, symbols, a seamless gaming experience, a distinctive board, and frequent chances for connection eliminations. The Golden Empire board is uniquely designed with reels in the sequence of 4, 6, 6, 6, 6 and features an impressive 32,400 paylines. Moreover, the game follows a payout structure where only the highest amount won per line is rewarded. This formula is Winning Points = Odds x Player Betting Amount. These elements collectively make EsballPH HaloWin strongly recommend trying out this slot game.

Despite relatively low odds, our enthusiasm for the Golden Empire remains unwavering. Players can eagerly anticipate continuous eliminations facilitated by wild symbols and are encouraged to amass as many golden frame symbols as possible. Additionally, free spins in the game bring the potential for substantial multiplier bonuses.

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