BetMGM UK has made waves in the horseracing arena with its announcement to sponsor the prestigious County Hurdle at the upcoming Cheltenham Festival’s Gold Cup Day. This strategic move marks BetMGM’s debut at the renowned festival and solidifies its commitment to enhancing the betting experience for racing enthusiasts across the UK.

Gold Cup Day stands as the pinnacle of excitement in the National Hunt calendar, drawing horseracing enthusiasts from around the world. As the highlight of the Cheltenham Festival, this esteemed event showcases the finest in horseracing talent and tradition. BetMGM’s sponsorship of the County Hurdle adds a new layer of prestige to an already illustrious occasion, highlighting the company’s dedication to aligning itself with the best in the business.

BetMGM’s sponsorship of the County Hurdle is just the beginning of a promising partnership with the Jockey Club. The agreement, set for the long term, will see BetMGM take on title sponsorship of other key National Hunt races throughout the racing calendar. This strategic collaboration underscores BetMGM’s commitment to supporting the horseracing industry and enriching the overall racing experience for fans and participants alike.

While this marks BetMGM’s inaugural sponsorship at the Cheltenham Festival, the company is no stranger to the horseracing scene. In January, BetMGM made headlines as the title sponsor for Ascot’s Clarence House Chase Raceday, further solidifying its presence in the horseracing community. With each sponsorship endeavor, BetMGM continues to elevate its profile and demonstrate its unwavering support for the sport.

In anticipation of the Cheltenham Festival, BetMGM has rolled out a series of enticing offers for racing enthusiasts. From welcome offers to money-back promotions, BetMGM is dedicated to providing customers with unparalleled value and excitement. These promotions, particularly tailored for new customers, serve as a testament to BetMGM’s commitment to delivering market-leading offers and enhancing the overall betting experience.

Sam Behar, Director of BetMGM UK, expressed his enthusiasm for the sponsorship, stating, “We are thrilled to sponsor the County Hurdle. This marks BetMGM’s first festival and we’ve made sure to make a grand entrance. Our focus is on providing an entertaining betting experience for racing fans nationwide, and we’ve spared no effort in offering customers market-leading offers.”

BetMGM’s sponsorship of the County Hurdle at Cheltenham Festival’s Gold Cup Day signals a new chapter in the company’s journey within the horseracing industry. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, BetMGM continues to solidify its position as a leading player in the UK’s sports betting landscape while also contributing to the rich tapestry of horseracing tradition.

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