On April 21, 2023, tribal law enforcement uncovered alleged dealer misconduct at Mohegan Sun when a pit manager noticed irregular card handling by Yu Wen Fu, a 64-year-old baccarat dealer. Fu now faces charges for allegedly manipulating games, resulting in significant losses totaling $124,000 for the casino.

The investigation into Fu’s purported malpractice began after surveillance cameras captured him arranging cards in a specific order before the arrival of a particular player, Haoen Jiang. Rather than following standard procedures of card shuffling on the table, Fu’s actions appeared suspicious. Authorities allege collusion between Fu and Jiang, with losses accumulating to $124,260 between March 29 and April 20, 2023.

In the game of baccarat, where players wager on the closest hand to nine, Fu is accused of strategically signaling the appearance of the winning hand by placing face cards in the deck. Although Jiang denies collaboration with Fu, surveillance footage and Jiang’s possession of Fu’s contact information raise suspicions.

Fu, suspended pending investigation, maintains his innocence, suggesting that cards were inadvertently turned face up during shuffling and were merely corrected without rearrangement for personal gain. Arrested on November 15, Fu faces multiple larceny charges and was arraigned in New London’s Part A court on January 8.

On a separate note, a fortunate visitor at Mohegan Sun, identified as Jose S. from Stafford, Connecticut, recently won an impressive $525,094 jackpot while playing Super 4 Progressive Blackjack. Mohegan Sun’s expensive gaming options, including exclusive games like Super 4 Progressive Blackjack, continue to attract visitors seeking diverse entertainment experiences. With its strategic location near various attractions, Mohegan Sun remains a popular destination for guests from neighboring states, offering a blend of gaming excitement and leisure opportunities.

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