Wellness Cloud Unites with 888 William Hill to Elevate Employee Wellbeing

888 William Hill, a prominent provider of comprehensive wellbeing solutions, has forged a strategic partnership with 888 and William Hill. This groundbreaking collaboration aims to extend support to over 11,000 employees across both organizations, prioritizing employee wellbeing and fostering a supportive work environment.

 888 William Hill

Wellness Cloud Unites with 888 William Hill to Elevate Employee Wellbeing

Support for 11,000 888 William Hill Employees

The partnership between Wellness Cloud and 888 William Hill aims to offer unparalleled support to employees across various aspects of their wellbeing. Through access to the Wellness Cloud hub, employees can benefit from a wealth of resources and support mechanisms tailored to their needs.

Wellbeing Provider Wellness Cloud Introduction

Wellness Cloud is a leading provider of holistic wellbeing solutions, dedicated to enhancing the physical, mental, and emotional health of individuals. With a diverse range of services and resources, Wellness Cloud empowers organizations to cultivate thriving workplaces.

Wellness Cloud Hub

The Wellness Cloud hub serves as a central platform where employees can engage with a myriad of wellbeing initiatives. From live talks and events covering topics such as stress management and nutrition to interactive workshops and podcasts, the hub offers a dynamic environment for personal and professional growth.

On-Demand Content and Resources

In addition to live sessions, employees have access to an extensive library of on-demand content and resources. Whether seeking guidance on fertility, sleep, or parenting, individuals can explore a wealth of informative materials curated by experts in the field.

One-to-One Support

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by individuals, Wellness Cloud provides personalized one-to-one support. Employees can access confidential consultations on various topics, including neurodivergence, menopause, and mental health, ensuring that their needs are met with empathy and understanding.

Safeguarding Measures

The partnership between Wellness Cloud and 888 William Hill underscores a commitment to fostering a safe and supportive environment for employees. In alignment with Safer Gambling Week initiatives, the implementation of safeguarding measures demonstrates a proactive approach to promoting responsible behavior and wellbeing.

Founding Director’s Statement

Karen Taylor, the Founding Director of Wellness Cloud, commended 888 William Hill for prioritizing the wellbeing of its workforce. She emphasized the significance of proactive wellbeing initiatives in enhancing employee morale and productivity.

CPO’s Statement

Mark Skinner, Chief People Officer at 888 William Hill, echoed Taylor’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of supporting colleagues in both their personal and professional lives. He expressed enthusiasm for the partnership with Wellness Cloud and its potential to positively impact employee wellbeing.

FAQs About Wellness Cloud and 888 William Hill Collaboration

1.What services will Wellness Cloud provide to 888 William Hill employees?

Wellness Cloud will offer access to a comprehensive hub featuring live talks, on-demand content, and one-to-one support services tailored to employee wellbeing.

2.How can employees access the resources offered by Wellness Cloud?

Employees can access the Wellness Cloud hub online or through the mobile app, providing convenient access to a wealth of wellbeing resources.

3.What topics are covered in the live talks and events provided by Wellness Cloud?

The live talks and events cover a range of topics related to employee wellbeing, including stress management, nutrition, and mental health.

4.Is the support provided by Wellness Cloud confidential?

Yes, Wellness Cloud offers confidential one-to-one support services, ensuring that employees can seek assistance with privacy and discretion.

5.Are the resources provided by Wellness Cloud accessible to all employees?

Yes, all 11,000 employees at 888 William Hill will have access to the resources and support services offered by Wellness Cloud.

6.How does the partnership between Wellness Cloud and 888 William Hill promote employee wellbeing?

The partnership demonstrates a commitment to prioritizing employee wellbeing through comprehensive support initiatives and proactive safeguarding measures.


The partnership between Wellness Cloud and 888 William Hill represents a significant investment in the wellbeing of employees. By providing access to a wide range of resources and support services, this collaboration aims to foster a culture of health and resilience within the organization.


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