Venezia D’Oro by Quasar gaming

Everyone knows about the beautiful city of Venice, with its winding canals and elegant gondola’s. Venezia D’Oro is a slot that is set in the ancient city, but a couple of hundred years ago.

The game has five reels, but instead of the usual payline structure the developers, Quasar Gaming, have decided to go the route of 243 ways to win. This method has both its pros and its cons of course. The main pro is that due to the large number of possible winning combinations most spins will yield a win, even if a small one.

Which brings us to the con. Due to the large number or possible winning combinations, the wins have been diluted, and are substantially smaller than in games with regular payout methods. This being said Venezia D’Oro has a nice wager limit of between 25 and 500 coins which should suit all budgets. This is not the most exciting game in the world however, and may not appeal to those looking to win big.

Venetian Theme

Venezia D’Oro is set in Venice, a couple of hundred years ago, around about the time that Shakespeare wrote his play The Merchant of Venice. The background to the reels is a photo of a water scene, whilst the reels themselves are slightly opaque so that you can see the water through them. The graphics in this slot are ok; again they are not overly exciting and have been done in drawing style like thousands of other slot games out there. The sound track to the game is supposedly the sounds of the ancient city, like slapping of water and vague Italian music.

Renaissance Symbols

The base symbols in the game are from a deck of cards, and other than being in a curly font have very little to do with the theme. The rest of the symbols have been rendered as drawings, not 3D and not high definition. These symbols include things such as a masquerade mask, ornate streetlamps, a bridge and beautiful statues.

The human element is brought into the slot by way of both a female and a male icon. The games wild symbol is the Gondola, which is a traditional canal boat found in Venice with a high curved bow and stern. This can only be found on the middle three reels, but when it does appear it will replace all other symbols in the game except for the bridge scatter.

Venezia D’Oro Special Features

Venezia D’Oro has only a few special features, the main one being the free spins round that is launched by finding the bridge scatter three or more times anywhere on the reels. Once this happens you will be able to choose the amount of free spins and the corresponding multiplier that you would like to play with.

The second feature is the gamble feature, where you can double or nothing any win that have. You will be required to guess the colour of a face down playing card, and should you guess correctly your win is doubled. Get it wrong, and you lose the win.

Mystery Jackpot Round

Venezia D’Oro does have a rather unrelated mystery jackpot round. This jackpot round is based on playing cards, with each suit representing a level. Each level is a different mystery jackpot. You will have to choose three cards form twelve face down playing cards, and if all three of your cards are the same suit, you win that levels accompanying jackpot.