What Online Casino Promotions No Deposit Means

Some players in the USA may wonder if online casino promotions no deposit bonus offers aren’t perhaps a scam by fake casinos trying to dupe them. If such an offer is made by a fully licensed casino, it is genuine.

Casinos do, in fact, offer bonuses that do not require players to deposit real money. The offers do see players receive an amount of bonus money from the casinos, and they can use that money to play games.

The important thing for players to remember is that the only no deposit bonus offers that can be trusted are those made by legitimate online casinos. Even so, every single online casino promotions no deposit bonus offer comes with certain requirements.

One of the most important requirements of most no deposit bonuses is that players in the USA are usually required to deposit money into their casino account if they wish to claim any money they won while playing games with the bonus money.

Another requirement is that the bonus money needs to be played through by a specified date, or the player will forfeit it.

Online Casino Bonus Codes

At some casinos, players need to submit a bonus code to activate online casino promotions no deposit bonus offers. Bonus codes are not some big secret reserved for the elite.

They are readily available on the Promotions pages of casinos that require codes to activate bonuses. Codes are usually required by casinos that run several different promotions concurrently.

Players are usually required to submit the codes when they sign up at the casino, or, if they already have an account, when they accept the bonus offer.

A Closer Look at No Deposit Bonuses

Online casino promotions no deposit bonuses are usually fairly generous. Depending on the betting ranges chosen by players, and on the length of time they spend playing, players can usually play slots, table games and other games over several sessions.

Shortly after accepting the offer, the bonus money should appear in the player’s account. As soon as it does, the player can start betting it.

Bonus money is real money, so the games played are being played for real money, and not for free, even though it doesn’t cost players anything to claim the bonus or play the games. Ultimately, the bonus money is the casinos.

Other Casino Bonuses

In addition to online casino promotions no deposit bonuses, casinos that accept players from the USA also offer match deposit and player referral bonuses. Both are quite different to no deposit bonuses.

Match deposit bonus money is only credited to a player’s account once the player has deposited real money. Rather than being a specific amount, the bonus money is a percentage of the amount deposited by the player, up to a certain amount.

Player referral bonuses are offered to players with existing account at the casino. They usually require a code, which the player gives to friends and family they have encourage to sign up at the casino and make a deposit.

When the player’s friends and family sign up, deposit money, and submit the code, the player who referred them will receive the bonus.