Baccarat Pro from Net Entertainment Games

Baccarat Pro is an excellent online game choice for both those just starting out with baccarat or online gambling, and seasoned players who have a long history with both. The game of baccarat has been likened to that of roulette, and online casino game providers have made many different variations of it available, the game’s history at land-based casinos extending over a period longer than 500 years.

Net Entertainment’s Baccarat Pro Series

One of the main reasons this game is as popular as it is because the house edge for it is an incredibly low 1.06%, and this drops further when Baccarat Pro is enjoyed at one of the many NetEnt casinos available online, to just 1.04%. It is also not only very enjoyable to play, but incredibly easy to learn as well.

The Aim of Players in Baccarat Pro Games

Baccarat Pro has players attempting to predict which hand, either that of the banker or that of the player, will be the highest one. Both parties are dealt two or three cards, and the participant with a total hand-value which is closest to nine will win. Hands which have equal value will result in a tie, and this will then end in a winner-takes-all showdown.

The innovation that Net Entertainment provides in Baccarat Pro online games is that players are not required to face the banker only, and are able to back themselves; bet on the banker; or put their money down on the likelihood of a tie occurring, with a payout of nine-to-one should this last outcome occur. This additional betting choice is the only real difference between standard baccarat games and the variation provided by Net Entertainment, so players who have a little experience in the former will have no problem playing the latter, and those who are still finding their feet in terms of this well-loved casino game will not have to commit complicated variations to mind before playing.

Features in Place for Baccarat Pro

The Baccarat Pro series has been rendered very well by Net Entertainment, and the video recreation is above-standard. There is a minimum bet of 1, but this can be increased to as much as 100 at the player’s discretion. Players are able to place their bets on any one of the three wager options while enjoying the excellent graphics and audio-effects of this example of NetEnt’s game know-how.

There are three platforms available for this game: one for more conservative bettors who prefer lower stakes; one for those who like bets that are neither particularly low nor overly high; and those who like to take bigger risks on the outcome of the game. The standard rules for baccarat are in place, along with very high quality game graphics.

Players who have never enjoyed baccarat will take to Baccarat Pro like ducks to water, since there is no requirement for them to know the third-card rules. The game will automatically inform the player when he or she is able to take a third card, and ensures that players do not miss out on opportunities to put a little extra money in the bank as a result.